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The American Legion Is Taking A Stand On Cannabis

The American Legion Taking A Stand On Medical Cannabis

The American Legion, a patriotic veterans organization founded by Congress in 1919, has announced their support for medical cannabis. The announcement included a scientific stance, heartfelt personal stories, and an emphasis on medical cannabis....

benefits of topicals header

The 10+ Benefits Of Cannabis Topicals

As the cannabis community comes out from the curtain and into the legal light, the methods of consumption are being innovative and creativity explored. One method of consumption that has gained large traction are...

Marijuana Is Ending The Opioid Epidemic header

How Marijuana Is Ending The Opioid Epidemic

Opioids are oral pill medications that are used to help relieve pain following trauma, burns, or a serious surgery. They also have use for patients with painful terminal diseases, such as cancer. Opioids are widely...